The Company

Textile company and finisher on commission, La TURDINE takes its name from the river running Tarare, an industrial city located 40 km from Lyon.

Initially fabric bleacher, the company developed in expertise, first as a Dyer for the Lyonnais silk industry and “Les Voilages de Tarare” (net curtain manufacturers), then as a creative printer for fashion and furnishings.

First independent French textile finisher, La TURDINE exploits two factories in Tarare, involved respectively in dying and printing and employing about 100 employees.

Among many specialities, large width printing and Transfer paper make La Turdine a unique player in Europe.

La TURDINE is known for the richness of its collection of prints, the pertinence of its laboratory, the quality of its industrial facility and its high- level of expertise.

The most famous names of fashion, furnishing, and technical industries trust in La TURDINE. And you?

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